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Praise for Stone Heart

"Susan K. Hamilton crafts a satisfying saga of two individuals who seek to overcome obstacles to redemption to form new relationships. Each arrives at more mature revelations about themselves and each other, which contributes an added sense of self-growth to the process. 

The result is a work of women's fiction that will attract a wide audience interested how love evolves, how hearts are protected, and what happens when the boundary between friends and lovers is breached. Readers seeking a solid example of contemporary women's fiction that tugs on the heartstrings by presenting a successful, career-minded young woman's reconsideration of her choices and life will find Stone Heart a winner."

D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Stone Heart] is full of relatable characters that have hopes and dreams, along with a closet full of skeletons and bad decisions. These personalities are engaging because they’re us. 

Some readers may have a tough time with this read because it’s raw and open. The author paints a starkly beautiful picture of the decisions that lead these characters to the choices they make and the fallout from those actions. The novel takes the reader from the highs of fame, fortune, and passion to the lows of pain, loss, and deep regret. The author deftly navigates this minefield, keeping the reader engaged and reminding us that rarely is life made up of issues that are black or white/good or bad. Perfect and unequivocal answers are scarce, because life is more complicated than we want it to be. 

I recommend “Stone Heart” by Susan K. Hamilton to readers who appreciate realistic characters struggling with genuine issues, to fans of romance novels that are less about perfect heroes than about how messy life truly is, and to those who enjoy stories that touch all of the reader’s emotions." 

Terri Stepek, Reader Views 

Praise for The Devil Inside

"The Devil Inside is a sometimes funny, sometimes steamy fantasy novel in which a successful devil works to balance her love life with her work."

FOREWORD BOOK REVIEW (Clarion Rating 4 out of 5)

"Forget the cute little angel and devil on your shoulder. Instead, imagine the angel and devil lusting for one another with a flaming desire that dances off the page ... author Susan K. Hamilton crafts a full working organization of angels and devils and the roles they play in our lives in this unforgettable, otherworldly romance. With heavy themes regarding personal and professional sacrifice, good and evil, forgiveness and greed, The Devil Inside is a must read."


"This is an amusing, stylish read as Susan takes you through the ins and outs of God's corporate enterprise. It's business as usual with the angels and devils competing for human souls until a couple employees challenge HR's fraternization policy with there secret affair. Compassionate devils and naughty angels? You bet! Eternal damnation? Of course! The Devil Inside is highly recommended for fun!"


Reviewed by Dean Fearce

Praise for Shadow King

"An impressively crafted and inherently riveting read by a fantasy author with
an exceptional gift for originality, character development, and the narrative
storytelling arts."


"Shadow King is an intense romantic thriller that keeps burning hotter and faster with every page. By the time the climax came, I could feel my heart pounding with every word! Susan K. Hamilton has written a stunning romantic crime-thriller set in a world of fantasy. Whether a thriller fan or fantasy, you will devour Shadow King. "


Reviewed by Mark Aducci


"From fantasy to thriller and intrigue to steamy romance, "Shadow King" weaves in and out of multiple genres making at appealing read for a wide spectrum of fans. With a plot that holds the reader hostage until the very end and fascinating characters, I couldn't get enough of this story and look forward to reading more works from Susan K. Hamilton."


Reviewed by Sherri Hoyt

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Stone Heart

  • 2022 Firebird Book Awards -- Winner Women's Fiction and Book Cover Design

  • Chatelaine Romantic Fiction Awards -- Long List


Shadow King

  • 2020 eLit Book Awards -- Bronze Award (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

  • 2019 Readers Favorite International Book Awards -- Finalist Award (Paranormal Romance)


  • 2019 Reader Views Literary Awards -- Northeast Regional Category and Fantasy Category


  • 2016 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition -- Top 10 Finalist


The Devil Inside

  • 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards -- Winner Paranormal Category & Finalist Award E-Book (Fiction)


  • 2022 Firebird Book Awards -- Winner Urban Fantasy and Book Cover Design categories


  • 2017 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition -- Top 25 Finalist 

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