Shadow King 

The Devil Inside (Pre-Release Review)

"An impressively crafted and inherently riveting read by a fantasy author with an exceptional gift for originality, character development, and the narrative storytelling arts. Susan Hamilton's Shadow King will prove to be  a welcome and popular addition to community library Fantasy Fiction collections."


"Shadow King is an intense romantic thriller that keeps burning hotter and faster with every page. By the time the climax came, I could feel my heart pounding with every word! Susan K. Hamilton has written a stunning romantic crime-thriller set in a world of fantasy. Whether a thriller fan or fantasy, you will devour Shadow King. "


Reviewed by Mark Aducci


"From fantasy to thriller and intrigue to steamy romance, "Shadow King" weaves in and out of multiple genres making at appealing read for a wide spectrum of fans. With a plot that holds the reader hostage until the very end and fascinating characters, I couldn't get enough of this story and look forward to reading more works from Susan K. Hamilton."


Reviewer at ReaderViews

"Susan K. Hamilton shows herself to be a master world builder in a book that works like the best fantasy novels should..."


Goodreads Review

"Author Susan K. Hamilton has cleverly created a romance novel which ticks all the boxes, packaged beautifully within a lavish urban Fae fantasy setting ... Hamilton balances the genres and mixes them well, throwing in cinematic romance and violence with a flair for modern dialogue that keeps the scenes exciting on every page..."

K.C. Finn

5-Star Readers' Favorites Review

"The promise of this book [The Devil Inside] is what Chuck Palahniuk's Damned could've been  ... Remarkably poised writing, well-imagined characters, and biting humor ..."


Author, Enantiodromia

Darkstar Rising

"I go back to this book again and again when I want to read an old familiar story that I love, because every time I do it evokes a new excitement and enjoyment for me."


5-Star Amazon Review

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