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 As a successful singer and recovering addict, Lauren Stone is no stranger to regret.

When a publicity stunt gone wrong brings her face-to-face with one of her biggest regrets—her high school flame, Danny Padovano—Lauren realizes she never let go of his memory, believing he’s the only person who ever loved her for who she is, not what she is.

But Lauren doesn't have time to pine over lost love. If she doesn't get her songwriting mojo back—and fast—The Kingmakers' new album is going to be a colossal failure.

With a devastating case of writer's block threatening to derail her career, and Danny's marriage on the rocks, they begin an affair that could not only wreck what's left of Danny's marriage but destroy Lauren's relationship with the band... and her hard-earned sobriety.

As Lauren’s world unravels, can she come to terms with her mistakes? Or will they finally destroy her?

Genre: contemporary women's fiction 

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Mara Dullahan is a devil with a knack for sniffing out corrupt souls.

Taunted for centuries about her lack of devilish wings, Mara has something to prove—and she’s determined to become Hell’s top Sales & Acquisitions devil. But her biggest rival, Kemm, will stop at nothing to steal the coveted top spot, including uncovering her darkest secret.

When Mara meets a handsome angel stuck in a dead-end job, she knows he’s the kind of trouble that could ruin all of her ambitions. After all, rumor has it that Lucifer will rip the wings off any devil who falls for an angel. But Mara’s never been one to play by the rules.

As their affair intensifies, Mara’s secret life gets more and more complicated, especially when Kemm starts to suspect that there might be more than one way to bring his competition down. Cornered, Mara is forced to take drastic measures to protect her secrets—and her angel—before all Hell breaks loose.

Genre: Dark/Urban fantasy 


Centuries ago, the Faerie Realm was decimated by a vile and corrupt spell. To survive, the different faerie races—led by the Fae—escaped to the Human Realm where they’ve lived ever since.

As the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld, Aohdan Collins enjoys his playboy lifestyle while he works from the shadows to expand his growing empire, until one night when he shares a shot of whiskey with the lovely Seireadan Moore…

A Fae Seer, Seireadan is haunted by a vision of the Fae responsible for destroying Faerie and murdering her family. Common sense tells her to stay away from Aohdan, but his magnetism and charm are irresistible.

 As their passionate affair intensifies, Seireadan is pulled into the center of the underworld. And while her heart is bound to Aohdan, she cannot let go of her lifelong quest to hunt down the Fae who haunts her visions… especially when she realizes Aohdan might be the key to helping her find him.

But is revenge worth betraying the one she loves?

Genre: Dark/Urban Fantasy

E-Books, Short Stories & Anthologies


(Contributing author of "Chrysalis")


(Contributing author of  "Girl")


(Contributing author of "Pearls and Swine")


(Contributing author of "Mira's Bridge")
A Shadow King  short story

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