Shadow King

2019 "Finalist Award" Readers Favorite International Book Awards

2018-2019 Reader Views Literary Awards: Winner for Northeast Region and Second for Adult Fiction/Fantasy

Ambition. Betrayal. Revenge.


In a world where humans and faeries must live and work together, Aohdan
Collins has abandoned the Seelie Court and ruthlessly worked to become the Fae
Patriarch of Boston's criminal under- world
. Ambitious and single-minded,
Aohdan turns his attention to expanding his influence and power, but when he
shares a shot of whiskey with the lovely Seireadan Moore, everything changes.


Cursed with the Sight, Seireadan has been haunted since childhood by a vision of
the Fae responsible for the death of her family, and who created The Desolation—
the corrupt, dark spell that destroyed the Faerie Realm. Driven by revenge,
Aohdan may hold the answers Seireadan seeks, but everyone knows that bad things
happen to people who cross Aohdan Collins.


Confronted by tragedy and betrayal, Aohdan and Seireadan find themselves
squarely in the Seelie King’s sights, where Seireadan must confront the man who
killed her father, and Aohdan is forced to choose between taking on a role that will
fracture the Seelie Court forever, or watch everything he’s built—and everyone he
loves—be destroyed.

The Devil Inside

Mara Dullahan has a reputation. And a secret that could rock Heaven and Hell.


Smart-mouthed and irreverent, Mara has a knack for sniffing out
corrupt souls. Her fellow devils resent her success, and some suspect
Mara isn’t what she seems—after all, no one in Hell has ever seen her

After a long day at the office, Mara has a few drinks and crosses paths
with Duncan DeMarco, a handsome angel stuck in a dead-end job with a
boss he can’t stand. Duncan is exactly the kind of trouble Mara doesn’t need
but can’t resist. They embark on a passionate, illicit love affair, knowing that it will likely mean their careers—and quite possibly their very existence—if they’re found out.

When Mara’s biggest rival in Hell’s Sales & Acquisitions Department uncovers her secret—and her feelings for Duncan—their confrontation spins wildly out of control with dire consequences. Mara tries to cover her tracks, but sniffing out dark secrets is what the denizens of Hell do best.

Backed into a corner, Mara must choose: Do nothing, and watch Duncan pay the ultimate price for her… or reveal all her secrets, and watch all Hell break loose.



DECEPTION! Anthology

This book is full of trickery, misdirection, and lies...

DECEPTION. We’ve all dealt with it. Whether it’s deception of self, others, or being victimized by someone else’s lies, these are all themes that are familiar to the independent writers of the Writing Bloc Cooperative. In the second collection of short stories presented by Writing Bloc Publishing, twenty-four up-and-coming authors illustrate the many facets of DECEPTION.

ESCAPE! Anthology

We all long to escape...

These twenty gripping tales run the gamut from science fiction and fantasy to political satire and literary fiction. In a curiously deep look into the human psyche, they examine the concept of "escape," the urge to leave our present circumstances behind as well as how that instinct both aids and hinders our lives. 

Featuring "Chrysalis" by Susan K. Hamilton along with stories from other up-and-coming writers, including Tahani Nelson, Grace Marshall, Kendra Namednil, Deborah Munro, Daniel Lee, Christopher Henckel, Michael James Welch, Evan Graham, Patrick Edwards, Peter Ryan, Mike Donald, Christopher Lee, Jason Pomerance, Durena Burns, Cari Dubiel, Becca Spence Dobias, Ferd Crôtte, Jason Chestnut, and Michael Haase. 

Darkstar Rising

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

Youngest daughter of the ruling house of Illauren, Princess Kiara - the Darkstar - has worked tirelessly to undermine the rule of the Pretender-Queen, Ushan, and restore her brother to his rightful place on the throne.

Now the time has come, and Darkstar is riding out to bring the people of Illauren to her brother’s side. But an accident changes her plans.

Darkstar suddenly discovers secrets about herself that have been hidden since childhood. Secrets that will transform her from an "ordinary" princess into one of the most powerful women on the continent. And with that power comes choices. Choices that may change the course of history itself.

Choices that could destroy everyone and everything Darkstar is fighting to protect…

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