2019 "Finalist Award" Readers Favorite International Book Awards

2018-2019 Reader Views Literary Awards for Northeast Region and Adult Fiction/Fantasy


A Dark Fantasy Tale

"An impressively crafted and inherently riveting read by a fantasy author with an exceptional gift for originality, character development, and the narrative storytelling arts. Susan Hamilton's Shadow King will prove to be  a welcome and popular addition to community library Fantasy Fiction collections. It should be noted for the personal reading lists of dedicated fantasy fans that Shadow King is also available in an inexpensive digital book format."

                                                                         -- Midwest Book Review

Susan K. Hamilton is the award-winning author of epic, dark, and urban fantasy books including Shadow King, Darkstar Rising, and the forthcoming The Devil Inside. She’s also dipped her toe in the short story pond and had her work included in the ESCAPE! Anthology and the upcoming DECEPTION! Anthology from Writing Bloc.


Horse-crazy since she was a little girl, she also loves comfy jeans, pizza, great stand-up comedy, and pretty much every furry creature on the planet (except spiders). Susan lives near Boston with her husband and a cat who runs the house like a boss.

To inquire about any properties related to "Shadow King" or "The Devil Inside"please contact: 
Inkshares  |  Oakland, CA  |  415 890 6436  | hello@inkshares.com

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