"Shadow King is an intense romantic thriller that keeps burning hotter and faster with every page. By the time the climax came, I could feel my heart pounding with every word! Susan K. Hamilton has written a stunning romantic crime-thriller set in a world of fantasy. Whether a thriller fan or fantasy, you will devour Shadow King. "

-- Mark Aducci, TopShelf Reviews (TopShelf Magazine)

About Susan

Susan K. Hamilton is the award-winning author of epic, dark, and urban fantasy books including Shadow King, Darkstar Rising, and The Devil Inside (releasing 2020/2021). Her short stories have been featured in the ESCAPE! Anthology and DECEPTION! Anthology from Writing Bloc, and a Shadow King-based short story will be releasing at the end of 2020 as part of the Passageways Anthlology.


Horse-crazy since she was a little girl, she pretty much adores every furry creature on the planet (except spiders). And she loves comfy jeans, pizza, and great stand-up comedy. Susan lives near Boston with her husband and a cat who runs the house like a boss.


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