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Counting Down to Launch

When I entered the Launchpad Competition in 2016, I never dreamed I'd be fortunate enough to be a Top Ten Finalist, and to have the door opened for the eventual publication of my novel, "Shadow King." But on October 2 -- less than one month from now -- "Shadow King" will officially launch and be available to everyone. Up until now it has just been pre-orders on (my publisher) and then on Amazon. But soon it will be just... available.

And I'm so pleased. And terrified. I think all writers probably go through this, that fear of putting yourself out there. For me, I was fortunate enough to have a lot of people support me in my campaign to get "Shadow King" published and that's where the fear lies for me: what if, after all the time waiting, it doesn't live up to people's expectations? What if they're disappointed? That's a scary prospect but I've learned to be more comfortable with that grey area. Some people will love it, some won't and that's okay. Everyone's tastes are different. You may like Picasso or not, and it is the same with what you read.

But I really do hope you'll enjoy "Shadow King."

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